Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moving forward....Finally!!

After a tough couple of weeks - health issues with kids and grandbaby - I'm back in the swing of things!
I have GOT to get this house decorated for the holidays. I'm never this late into December with an un-decorated house.  I like to start with a blank slate.....

Hubby brought all of my goodies up from the basement last weekend.  I spent Saturday cleaning and putting the everyday things away. 

Sunday I began the big job of decorating!!  Today is Tuesday...and I'm still at it :)  I will decorate the tree tonight.  As I was going through boxes and bins I set aside many items to give to our son and his wife.  My daughter also received a box of items for her apartment at school.  This gives me room to buy a few more things - but don't tell my husband! 

Stay tuned for pictures!