Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's Get This Party Started - I have a B-L-O-G !!

I have long been a fan of home decorating - mostly my own home but friends have had me in from time to time to refresh their interiors too!  With the Holiday season HERE - it's the perfect time to start blogging and sharing some fun, fabulous and in-expensive decorating ideas with you. 

First, let me upload a couple of "Fall" photos - showing some of my Fall/Halloween decorating.

It's all about those gorgeous fall colors - oranges, yellows and browns.  Some of these items I picked up at craft shows, others I picked up at after-Holiday sales, and some I bought at Walmart!  I like the plate rack - as I can do seasonal plates (or framed pictures!) in that same spot.  The wall above my fireplace is the first thing you see when you walk into the room and I LOVE to decorate that spot for each Holiday.  The rest of the year a HUGE (and adorable) red metal fish hangs there as the family room has that beach-y decor going on.

The third photo shows off my Hall Stand. My parents brought this monstrosity back from Scotland in the early 70's and I inherited it. I love it. It is one of my most prized possesions.  This piece of furniture sits in our foyer and it's another of my favorite decorating spots!  You see it when you walk into the front door so it's an opportunity to really jazz up the foyer!  Depending on the season/holiday I drape the top with leaves, greenery, strands of beads or shells.  The shelf below the mirror lends itself nicely to all sorts of holiday knick-knacks, as does the top below it.  It's fun to come up with interesting and unusual ideas to show off the seasons.

The bottom photo is of my "window and sill" that hangs on another wall in the entry hall - giving me another special and eye-catching space to decorate!!

Look around your home.  What are some of the places and spaces you see when you walk into your foyer or the main rooms in your home?  How can you accent these places and spaces to bring out the HOLIDAY or the SEASON in your home?  Take note of wall space, shelf space, matel space and other places where you can hang or set items, pictures, knick-knacks.  Nine months out of the year the walls in my first floor rooms do not change - there are pictures of my two children, fish, beach scenes, etc.  But come October 1 the scenery changes in a big way!  First for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving and then again for Christmas.  The Fall/Halloween items are augmented with Thanksgiving statues of pilgrims and turkeys (and a few of the Halloween things come down then).  Generally the week after Thanksgiving I begin dragging out the many, many (too many my husband says) Christmas decorations.  The house is transformed and I love it!

So stay tuned for the upcoming Christmas transformation - it's huge!

If you have decorating, color or home questions or need ideas please let me know!!  Email me at I will answer all inquiries.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving - take a moment out of the hectic day to remember those less fortunate and all who bravely serve our Country in the military! 


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